Keyu Wu 伍克煜
Ph.D. student, Zhejiang University
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Latest News

  • [Dec 2, 2022] The code of NueralHDHair is open source
  • [Mar 2, 2022] one paper accepted to CVPR'22
  • [Oct 8, 2021] one paper accepted to Science China

About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate focusing on CG(computer graphics) and CV(computer vision) at State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, advised by Youyi Zheng. I received a bachelor's degree from the School of Biotechnology of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2020. My research interests include computer graphics and computer vision, especially image-based modeling


High-Fidelity Hair Modeling from a Monocular Video
Keyu Wu, Lingchen Yang, Zhiyi Kuang, Yao Feng, Xutao Han, Yuefan Shen, Hongbo Fu, Kun Zhou, Youyi Zheng

NeuralHDHair: Automatic High-fidelity Hair Modeling from a Single Image Using Implicit Neural Representations
Keyu Wu, Yifan Ye, Lingchen Yang, Hongbo Fu, Kun Zhou, Youyi Zheng
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022.

iHairRecolorer: Deep Image-to-Video Hair Color Transfer
Keyu Wu, Lingchen Yang, Hongbo Fu, Youyi Zheng
Science China 2021

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